We see problems, we solve it.

Resoneuronance was born when we came together to solve problems around us.


Initially, we tackled some local problems of some educational institutes.

We gained experience.

Then we moved on to larger problems.


Test the best.

For NEET, IIT-JEE, CET students.

We even created a game, just for fun, and launched it.

Check it out on Play Store!

This is our project that will save a lot of people's time and give proper food.

Ambitious and delicious.

This is our project to digitize educational institutions.

Better institutions, better students.

Want to know our team?

Anand Kore

Ajinkya Kulkarni

Hemant Kulkarni

Kiran Kore

Rushikesh Badadale

And we are minimalist.

You can tell that by our website.

Shoot us a message:

And yes. We know our name is hard.

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No more down arrows